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American Values
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American Values
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Many organizations have spent millions of dollars on sociological research about what Americans value.  It is important to foreigners who want to do business with Americans to understand us, and it is important to Americans to know how their own values might keep them from successfully conducting business  abroad.
Many  of us might name some values that we claim are important to Americans, but there is a difference between what we SAY we value, and what our ACTIONS demonstrate that we value. 
Here is the list of what we REALLY believe in, based on how we act:

American Values (Source: Washington International Center)

1. Personal Control over the Environment

2. Change

3. Time and Its Control

4. Equality

5. Individualism and Privacy

6. Self-help Concept

7. Competition and Free Enterprise

8. Future Orientation

9. Action/Work Orientation

10. Informality

11. Directness, Openness and Honesty

12. Practicality and Efficiency

13. Materialism /Acquisitiveness

What are some American values we claim to believe in that are not on this list?  Why?  What is there in our actions that give lie to such claims?