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Modern Social Problems

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Final exam
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This is your final exam, which is an essay question.  I expect 3-5 pages with an in-depth answer, based on what you have learned in this course.  

And here it is:

We currently have a lame duck President, and several contenders for the job for the next presidential election.   What social problem would you tell him/her to focus on?  What is the cause of that problem, and what are some solutions s/he might consider?  Think of yourself as an advisor, and write a memo to the President or candidate, explaining your issue, cause and solution. You might perhaps explain a theoretical point of view or all of them (functionalist, conflict, or interactionist) on the problem,  and tell him/her why you are choosing that point of view.  Keep in mind the cost/benefit practical side of politics, and how hard it is to get a consensus!  It is also important to find an issue that will make the electorate listen, and be willing to spend time or money to solve.    You may give h/er/im data that supports your solution or defines the problem.  You must be persuasive and clear!  Remember, s/he has many issues to juggle, and you are trying to convince h/im/er that YOUR problem is the one that either most people want to solve, or that will benefit the nation in the short or long-run, and get the attention of the public to get his party or her elected. 

Please, double space your writing, put it in the form of a memo to your candidate, and write "FINAL" on the first page. 

Good luck! 

This exam is worth 25    points out of your 100 for the course.  Show me you learned something!