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Modern Social Problems

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Here are some links that you might find useful for additional information on our topics of discussion, or for your research.
If you find other sites that you think your classmates might like, please let me know and I'll add them.

My Introduction to Sociology Class website

To understand the grading rubric used for your papers, go to my other website:
Here is a link to the reading assigned from Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison
A website that has links to free information and films on the internet:
Is it truth or fiction?

Scam or real?
Educational statistics:
Check out these sites for statistics!

Statistics can be our social facts. Here are some sites with statistics you can use to support your argument:
Bureau of Labor Statistics :
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics:
Digest of Education Statistics:
National Center for education statistics:
The White House: source for federal statistics on several areas like crime, health, employment, prices:
Federal Statistics---way more links than you can imagine, all courtesy of the federal government:

U.S. Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statististics: a great place to find statistics about employment, wages, occupations and more.


U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau collects data throughout the year, and is responsible for counting everyone in America once every ten years. Their data base is full of all kinds of information, and plenty of articles to help you understand the significance of the numbers. Click on "People" on their home page, and take a look at all the things you can find here. Warning: once you start, you might get hooked! 

Criminal Justice Statistics


Here you will find all the numbers about crime and punishment, as well as opinion polls on issues like gun control. The data is sorted in enough different ways that you should be able to find answers to most of your questions about the whole criminal justice system.


Data on the Net


This is a site from UC San Diego, which helps you find data on the internet.


The Gallup Organization


If you want to read the latest polling information, here's the place. You can't access everything, but the publicly available stuff is usually quite interesting and readable.


For help in how to write your analysis of our poll, you might want to read a professional, in-depth analysis of one of their current polls found here:


The CIA Factbook: Here's a good place to find out all kinds of information on every country in the world. I suggest you take a look at Afghanistan as well as the USA, and compare some things, such as population (male/female ratios), life expectancies (male v. female). We'll talk about these things in class when we discuss social change and terrorism.


Another page that will give you good OFFICIAL information on terrorism is the U.S. Department of State Counterterrorism Office.


More information on terrorism, and the infamous "Most Wanted" list can be found on the FBI website.

 Something cool and futuristic:

U.S. Bureau of the Census